Cause Marketing For Dummies

Cause Marketing For Dummies

(Library ebook) Cause Marketing For Dummies

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Book Snippet : Create a mutually beneficial partnership between nonprofit and for-profit enterprises Cause marketing creates a partnership with benefits for both a nonprofit entity and a business. Written by an expert on cause marketing whose blog,, is a key resource on the subject, this friendly guide shows both business owners and marketers for nonprofits how to build and sustain such a partnership using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It covers new online tools, how to identify potential partners, tips on engaging your fans, and how to model a campaign on proven successes. Cause marketing is not marketing a cause, but a partnership between business and nonprofit that benefits both This guide offers an easy-to-understand blueprint for finding appropriate partners, planning and setting up a campaign using Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, measuring campaign success, and more Explains online tools such as Quick Response Codes, services like Causon and The Point, and location marketing services including Foursquare, Whrrl, and Gowalla Features case studies that illustrate successful campaign techniques Cause Marketing For Dummies helps both businesses and nonprofits reap the benefits of effective cause marketing.